Design Features for Vairous Uses


Shotguns are widely used for hunting in Australia for hunting and vermin control.  Over-abundant introduced and native bird species compete with and displace less abundant native species, impacting on biodiversity. The shotgun allows humane and safe culling of pest species of birds which also conflict with primary production of a wide range of crops in cereal, horticultural and aquaculture industries. Practical feral pig control is also effective with the use of a shotgun. The TAC-12 Straight Pull Shotgun allows hunters and primary producers a high quality repeating shotgun platform which allows for high volume vermin control faced by many primary producers.

The modular shotgun design basis means that any of its features can be reconfigured as needed. It allows a user to quickly echange the various assemblies (barrel, buttstock, forearms etc) without the use of tools.  The TAC-12 safely and reliably allows users to achieve best accuracy through well though ergonomic design and sight system, whilst ensuring humane vermin control and hunting practice. The TAC-12 is designed specifically for Australian conditions and will function reliably not matter what load is put through it, or what environmental conditions it is exposed to.

Preliminary testing of the TAC-12 suggests a high level of reliability. It can function reliably for at least 25,000 rounds with factory testing anticipating a minimum 50,000 round life without replacement of any major parts. The Steel components of the TAC-12 feature a matte black phosphate corrosion-resistant finish on standard models, with aluminium parts that are hard-anodised. On order, a durable double Cerakote can be offered in a number of different colours and finishes. excellent life value in a well-priced, high quality shotgun platform to suit all budgets.

Check out the full spec of the TAC-12 here.